HAAPCO has established quality workmanship and successful relationships with its various clients from the year started its operations. Now a days, it is one of the fast growing contracting companies in the kingdom in terms of industrial support and other project supports. This is made possible due to the continuous trust and commitment given by the company to its clients and vice versa and especially through giving the quality services and technical competence from its skilled and trained different working team as expected by our various client.

Contracting Division handles the different working department with their specific crafts

Marketing Department

Marketing Department, this comprises our alert and hardworking Project and Marketing Executives who give a lot of efforts in making every single project to success and give productive outcomes to both clients and the company as a whole. These men had established great relationships with our almost fifty (50) clients right now. Among the services that we offers are, project supports such in electrical, fabrication, scaffolding, erection works, civil works, gypsum works, piping works, also offers equipment rental, manpower supply and trading.

Procurement Department

Procurement Department, always ready to supply our unskilled and skilled employees whom are properly trained and intact to support any related project. Procurement Office also provides better communication with the clients for different transactions. Our supply unskilled, skilled and professional employees are categorized as to the nature of their skills namely; fabricator, machine operators, electricians, technicians, engineers, pipe fitter, painters, safety officers, logistics, etc. these employees are being supervised and regularly trained by our Supervisors and Foremen.

Health and Safety Department, “Prevention is better than cure”,

Health and Safety Department, “Prevention is better than cure”, the Safety and Health Department is committed in preventing and protecting the welfare and safety of every individual involved in our various projects. This includes our own employees, contractors and members of community who may visit site. We also ensure that all employees are familiar, have understandings and closely adhere to the rules and regulations. This can be achieve by the following measures which are the top priorities of the department;

Involve our team in workplace health and safety matters and issues.

Employ professionally trained and qualified personnel.

Provide adequate resources to make the workplace away from danger

Ensure continual training and orientation to the employees before doing any risky job

Provide site safety plans and risk analysis

Produce documentation and safe work method statements.

HAAPCO ensures that the Health and Safety Supervisors are all well knowing and expert in their field. Precautionary measure is an important thing that must be address not just inside the company premises but also in all workplaces which the company has a contractual assignments and projects so that it may not bring problems to the company and its clients and for the success of every single project.

Transportation Department

Transportation Department, consists the company owned vehicles which are available in support during time of needs. Our drivers are experienced enough in doing their jobs. Aside from, logistics are also available to inspect and maintain the good condition of these vehicles and repair damages if there is any.

Maintenance Department

Maintenance Department, maintains all aspects of materials being used in the company offices or in our employee accommodations. This department embodies employees who have skilled enough in their abilities such as carpenters, plumbers, technicians, mason and others who play important role in the company.

Catering Department

Catering Department, delicious and palatable foods are being served by the skilled and experienced cooks we have in the catering to our employees. Now, this department offers catering services to some events outside the company.


Camp, company owns spacious and safe lay down yard located at Juayma (along Jubail-Dammam Highway). In this camp, lays the MES Division Office and Yard, Fabrication Division Office and Shop, Camp Main Office, Marketing Office, Employee Accommodations and the Catering Department with its Mess Hall.